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March Forth LGBTQ protest Rally outside Idaho State Capital against Proposed LGBTQ Bills

March Forth LGBTQ protest Rally outside Idaho State Capital against Proposed LGBTQ Bills

Boise, ID: On Monday, a coalition of non-profits and leaders from the LGBTQ+ community will lead protests at the Idaho State Capitol.

The March Forth event is against bills in the Idaho legislature that they believe are anti-LGBTQ+.

“March Forth is a day of protest, celebration, outrage, and healing led by the LGBTQ community in response to the actions of Idaho’s elected officials,” stated Jenna Damron, ACLU of Idaho Advocacy Fellow.

“We stand firm in our visibility, despite legislation attempting to diminish our humanity and rights.” March Forth provides a platform for trans and queer Idahoans to voice their concerns, uphold their self-respect, and come together in a powerful display of love and defiance. We are proud and we are not going anywhere,” she also added.

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“We are here to inform lawmakers in Idaho to exclude the LGBTQ+ community from their discriminatory legislation,” stated Joseph Crupper, March Forth Organizer and community leader.

“During the 2024 legislative session, lawmakers have introduced 16 bills that either specifically target the community or would affect them in a roundabout way. We are well-informed about the focus on transgender youth in many of these bills. Our community and our allies have been consistently attending hearings to testify against these bills, but unfortunately, their voices are being disregarded. We are exhausted from constantly worrying about the safety, well-being, and security of our community and we want to ensure our voices are heard in one of the limited ways available to us,” he stated.

The demonstrations are scheduled to start at noon on Monday, Mar on the steps of the State Capitol Building.

Speakers, performances, and singing are all part of the event.

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