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Man who Killed 7 Members of Motorcycle Club in Alabama will Head to Death Row if Convicted for Murders: Prosecutors Reveal

Man who Killed 7 Members of Motorcycle Club in  Alabama will Head to Death Row if Convicted for Murders: Prosecutors Reveal

Alabama’s authorities have announced their intention to pursue the death penalty for one of the individuals accused in a 2020 septuple homicide.

Court documents indicate that if Federic Rogers is found guilty of the charges, the state intends to pursue the death penalty.In February 2024, the prosecutors were instructed to reveal their intentions regarding the death penalty for the individual in question.

Rogers and John Michael Legg have been charged with six counts of capital murder. Investigators allege that they were involved in the killing of seven individuals in Valhermoso Springs. The incident is believed to have stemmed from a dispute related to their motorcycle club, referred to as ‘7 Deadly Sins.’ The age of the victims varied between 17 and 45 years old.

The killings occurred during a dinner at Muzzey’s home on Talucha Road that Thursday night, according to Hendon’s testimony. Multiple gunshots were fired at the residents, whose bodies were discovered in different locations within the house and garage. According to Hendon’s testimony, the bodies had gasoline poured over them, and some were partially burned by a fire that was set after the shootings.

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According to Hendon’s testimony, Rogers explained to investigators that the unfortunate deaths of Green and Jones were a result of the shooters’ desire to eliminate any potential witnesses. Investigators have determined that the other victims lost their lives due to their connection with the 7 Deadly Sins club or its members.

Rogers and Legg are scheduled for a status hearing on June 24.

Legg’s status hearing was originally scheduled for April 2024, but a Morgan County judge decided to postpone it. The judge wanted Legg to undergo a mental health examination as ordered by the court.

Rogers is scheduled to stand trial on August 14, 2024, while Legg’s trial date has not yet been determined. The decision on whether prosecutors will pursue the death penalty for Legg remains uncertain.

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