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Man Who Allegedly Opened Fire on Girlfriend Turns Himself into Honolulu Police

Man Who Allegedly Opened Fire on Girlfriend Turns Himself into Honolulu Police

A Honolulu Police Department social media post says the 45-year-old guy they were looking for has turned himself in. He was accused of hitting his girlfriend’s car and shooting at her near Makapuu.

Police said the suspect, Paul Halland Hodges Jr., came to the Kapolei police station this afternoon and was arrested on charges of attempted murder in the first degree and criminal damage in the first degree. Police from the HPD said they are filing charges with the city’s Department of Prosecuting Attorney.

A 33-year-old woman told Honolulu police on Thursday at 6 a.m. that her boyfriend had been following her, hit her white Jeep, and fired several shots at her car.

The woman drove her Jeep to the Kailua police station to tell them about the killing. According to the cops, she was taken to the hospital in very bad shape.

HPD said after the killing that they were looking for a “armed and dangerous suspect.”

State court records show that on March 6, the woman got a temporary protection order against Hodges for six months. Hodges has been arrested and cited over 40 times before.

The woman said in her petition that Hodges began to grab, hit, slap, and choke her in February after they had been dated for four months and were living together.

“He locked me in my room and would yell at me when he was mad or thought I wasn’t paying attention to him.” “He would hit me or throw something at me if I said something he didn’t want to hear,” she wrote. “He would choke me and hold my mouth shut when I told him to stop because he thought I was being too loud.” I need to ask to use a car that we both own.

Hodges was found guilty of stealing in 2005, and the woman said that he would slap her across the chest whenever he thought she was lying.

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