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Man Stole Human Body Parts from Kansas Hospital and Sold them on eBay; Arrested with Accomplice for Gruesome Robberies in Pennsylvania

Man Stole Human Body Parts from Kansas Hospital and Sold them on eBay; Arrested with Accomplice for Gruesome Robberies in Pennsylvania

A man from Wichita, who used to work at Wesley Medical Center, has admitted his guilt in a federal court case related to the theft of human body parts from the hospital.

Two individuals, Angelo Pereyra and Angelo Ensanian, have recently pleaded guilty in federal court to a charge related to the transportation of stolen goods across state lines. Pereyra, a 39-year-old resident of Wichita, and Ensanian, a 37-year-old resident of Montgomery Pennsylvania, admitted their guilt on Monday.

Pereyra confessed to taking remains from Wesley Medical Center, his place of employment, and making arrangements to sell them to Ensanian over a four-year period.

The documents did not provide information about the specific body parts involved.

According to an assistant U.S. attorney, Ensanian and Pereyra engaged in online business transactions, including through eBay.

According to the assistant U.S. attorney, remains were discovered during a search of Ensanian’s residence, and it was also revealed that he had sold additional items.

Ensanian and Pereyra acknowledged that the estimated worth of the human remains involved in the scheme ranged from $6,500 to $15,000, according to reports by PennLive.

In late May, 12 News interviewed Pereyra’s attorney, who verified that his client worked at a medical facility in Wichita. The attorney stated that Pereyra expresses deep remorse for his actions and has entered into an agreement with the U.S. Attorney’s Office to admit guilt.

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In a recent update, the U.S. Attorney’s Office announced that several individuals had been charged as part of a long-term investigation into the trafficking of human remains across the country. Additionally, it was revealed that three of the defendants have already pleaded guilty in Pennsylvania. Another individual has been charged and found guilty in Arkansas.

According to a report by Patriot-News, the case involving Ensanian and Pereyra is loosely connected to a scheme where seven individuals are accused of stealing or selling human remains from the Harvard Medical School and a mortuary in Arkansas.

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