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Man Stabbed Over 30 times with Butcher Knife and Chopped; Perpetrator Pleaded Guilty to Brutal Killing and Dismemberment in Mississippi

Man Stabbed Over 30 times with Butcher Knife and Chopped; Perpetrator Pleaded Guilty to Brutal Killing and Dismemberment in Mississippi

On Monday, Clint Barrett Brower confessed to a gruesome incident at a Biloxi RV park’s laundromat. He brutally stabbed a man multiple times, resulting in his tragic demise, and went on to partially dismember him. Brower admitted to stabbing 41-year-old Micah Harrington multiple times when Harrington entered the laundromat at Mazalea Travel Park. Both individuals were coincidentally doing their laundry at the same time.

Brower, who has a history of mental health problems, stated that he had no recollection of conversing with Harrington. However, he expressed a sudden sense of apprehension, perceiving Harrington as a potential threat to himself and others.

Consequently, Brower swiftly retrieved a sizable butcher knife from his bag and proceeded to stab Harrington. Brower relentlessly pursued Harrington, inflicting multiple stab wounds and even severing one of his arms in a savage assault, according to authorities.

Following the incident on May 26, 2020, Brower expressed his intention to bring Harrington’s body to the Beau Rivage casino resort, hoping that someone there could assist in restoring Harrington. Brower’s attorney, Michael Crosby, cited this as yet another instance highlighting Brower’s severe mental health challenges.

Brower confessed to the crime on Monday as he entered a guilty plea for first-degree murder. The incident took place on May 26, 2020, resulting in the tragic death of the experienced construction worker. Judge Lisa Dodson deemed the events that transpired to Harrington as utterly without reason and handed Brower a life sentence.

Prior to his sentencing, Brower directed his attention towards Micara Harrington, the daughter of the victim, and offered his sincere apologies for his actions. However, it was evident that his daughter was not receptive to his words. Cory Washburn, a close associate of Harrington, shared his thoughts on the tragic incident.

Washburn spoke highly of Harrington, emphasizing his positive qualities and his dedication to his daughter and family before his untimely passing. “I worked with him nearly every day of the week, and he took great pride in the progress he was making,” Washburn said. “He was building a life here. He talked about his daughter and his desire to improve himself, to create a home for her”.

Harrington’s daughter and Washburn strongly advocated for Brower to be sentenced to death for his crime.

According to Brower’s attorney, mental health was a major factor in the crime. “Clint has faced challenges with mental health throughout his lifetime,” Crosby stated in the aftermath of the incident. His mother and sister have exhausted all efforts to provide him with the assistance he desperately needs. Crosby mentioned that Brower had been in and out of the hospital in an attempt to receive treatment for his problems.

Interestingly, he had scheduled a visit to Gulf Coast Mental Health mere days after the tragic incident. On the day of the incident, Biloxi police had apprehended Brower in the morning due to an outstanding warrant for disorderly conduct. However, the Biloxi police decided to release him and provided transportation back to the RV park.

The Brower family has always been curious about why Biloxi drove him home on the day of the murder, especially since they were aware of his deteriorating condition when they picked him up earlier due to an outstanding warrant.

According to Biloxi police, Brower displayed a calm demeanor and did not appear to pose a threat to others when they escorted him home.

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