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Man Stabbed in a Party in LA

Man Stabbed in a Party in LA

Los Angeles: A man was stabbed during a party on Sunday. The incident happened in the early hours of the day at around 1:45 am.

Newton Division of the LAPD received reports of a stabbing incident at the 1700 block of Wall Street. The officers were dispatched immediately.

Officers found the victim at the reported location with multiple stab wounds. The victim was unconscious. The officers checked the pulse and took the victim to the hospital.

The culprit had already left the area before the cops showed up. The authorities are looking for the suspect.

The authorities have not disclosed the hospital where the victim was taken. The state of the victim is unknown. The authorities have not released any further details regarding the incident.

LAPD urges everyone to inform the police if they have any information regarding the incident. Witnesses and tipsters can connect to the Newton Division at 800- 222-8477.

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