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Man Shot to Death outside Bronx Apartment; Shooter on Large after 8 shots Riddled the Victim

Man Shot to Death outside Bronx Apartment; Shooter on Large after 8 shots Riddled the Victim

New York City, NY: A man from the Bronx was fatally shot outside his apartment building, according to authorities. The shooting incident happened on Sunday.

A 25-year-old man named Daniel Lachapel was tragically shot in the head on Allerton Ave. near White Plains Road in Allerton at approximately 10:50 p.m. on Saturday. The individual passed away at the location.

Residents in the area reported hearing several gunshots, but there was little activity following the incident.

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“I heard eight shots,” said Kevin Hernandez, 30, who lives in the building and was a friend of the victim. “The guy is the calmest guy. He doesn’t mess with anybody. He’s always on his own.”

No arrests have been made in the slaying, according to authorities. Hector Martinez, 64, was taken by surprise when police arrived at his home, revealing that the shots had occurred in close proximity.

“Oh, man, 25 years old? Young guy. I’m sorry to hear that,” he said. “I’m new here. I came here from Miami. … I haven’t heard something bad happen here like that.”

Hernandez and others expressed concerns about the safety of the neighbourhood.

“People couldn’t even go outside ’cause [police] said it was a crime scene,” Hernandez said. “When they told me who it was, it just shocked me. I didn’t expect that guy to get killed.”

“Me, myself I got jumped a month ago,” Hernandez recounted. “This area is just bad. Same spot he got shot is the same spot I got jumped.”

The shooting of Lachapel is the second homicide reported this year in the Bronx’s 49th Precinct, where a total of five killings occurred in 2023.

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