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Man Shot Dead by Colorado State Patrol on Highway 36

Man Shot Dead by Colorado State Patrol on Highway 36

Police in Boulder County shot and killed an armed man after they were called to help a driver on Sunday.

The Colorado State Patrol arrived on the scene at approximately 11:40 a.m., they were called to the intersection of Highway 36 and McCaslin Blvd. A trooper there observed bullet holes in a car’s window.

Boulder County deputies were eventually able to “talk the individual out of the vehicle and he put a firearm down on the car,” according to a release from the CSP, which noted that the trooper had asked for assistance.

According to the announcement, the man eventually seized the gun and “pointed it at law enforcement.”

The man died at the site after “shots were fired,” according to CSP. A “piece of one law enforcement member’s equipment was struck,” according to the release, although investigators stated that no cops were hurt.

The order of the rounds and the identity of the law enforcement officer who discharged their firearm were unclear.

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