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Man Shot 4 Family Members to Death in Pierce County; Indicted by Jury in Washington

Man Shot 4 Family Members to Death in Pierce County; Indicted by Jury in Washington

Tacoma, WA: Maleke Pate was found guilty on all four counts by a Pierce County jury on Friday. The crime occurred in Tacoma in October 2021 and was a quadruple homicide.

In what prosecutors called a random attack, 22-year-old Pate was charged with four counts of aggravated murder. About three weeks ago, the experiment started.

The 42-year-old mother of Emery Lese, 42-year-old brother of Maria Nunez Raymond Williams, and 22-year-old girlfriend of Williams, Natasha Brincefield, were all alleged victims of Pate’s murderous rampage.

Thursday morning marked the commencement of jury deliberations following the conclusion of closing arguments on Wednesday.

Upon the commencement of the trial in early March, the state initially characterized a gruesome crime scene in Tacoma’s Salishan area as an act of senseless violence. As the prosecutor detailed the shooting deaths of Williams, Brincefield, Iese, and Nunez in a driveway, the man accused of squeezing the weapon, Pate, seemed dispassionate.

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Prosecutors claimed that Pate was an outsider with no ties to the family who brutally murdered them.

Tenant Danielle Monosmith took the stand earlier this month, claiming that she heard gunfire and saw the culprit shoot in the driveway. She lives in the house where the victims were allegedly shot.

“From where I was standing, I noticed a man standing by the passenger window,” informed Monosmith. His arm was extended. In his hand, I beheld a firearm. He proceeded to place it in the window. I staggered to the windowsill as the gunshot rang out.

According to her, Williams was visible to her despite having a gunshot wound to the head. She told him to hold on because help was on the way during that 911 call.

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