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Man Opened Fire on Teen Son of the Rival Family after Heated Feud in Las Vegas; Authorities report Dispute between 2 Families as the Prime Reason for Shooting

Man Opened Fire on Teen Son of the Rival Family after Heated Feud in Las Vegas; Authorities report Dispute between 2 Families as the Prime Reason for Shooting

Las Vegas, NV: A man from Las Vegas is now facing over 30 charges following an incident where he allegedly tried to take the life of a teenager. This act of violence is said to be a result of an ongoing feud between the suspect’s family and the victim’s, as revealed in documents obtained by 8 News Now.

On the evening of March 11, a concerned individual made an urgent call to emergency services, reporting the sound of multiple gunshots in close proximity to their residence. Upon arrival, officers discovered a significant number of cartridge casings scattered along the road near the intersection of Fairchild Street and Washington Avenue. According to the report, a total of 32 casings were discovered.

Shortly after the initial emergency call, another individual phoned in to report a tragic incident involving their companion being injured by gunfire. The caller and the victim found themselves in the parking lot of a gas station located in the 300 block of Nellis Boulevard.

Officers arrived at the scene and discovered that the victim had sustained a single gunshot wound to his left upper shoulder area. He was transported to a nearby hospital by medical personnel. Based on the birth year of the victim, it can be determined that he was either 18 or 19 at the time.

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The victim’s car was found with multiple bullet holes on the front and driver’s side, according to the police.

According to a witness, the victim had spent approximately thirty minutes at a friend’s house before leaving, just moments before the shooting occurred. As the individual neared the intersection of Washington and Fairchild, the bystander reported hearing gunfire.

According to the victim, while he was leaving the residence, an individual he didn’t recognize approached his vehicle and started firing shots at him. The victim informed the authorities that he took cover below the windows and was unable to contact emergency services because his hands were covered in blood.

According to a witness, they quickly made their way to the corner and spotted a green vehicle emerging from the parking lot south of Washington. According to the police, the individual claimed to have identified the vehicle as belonging to someone named “Jr,” who was known to have a longstanding conflict with the victim’s family due to a previous homicide incident in 2022.

A witness has identified someone named Jose Armas Jr., who is 21 years old. A vehicle registered to Armas was captured on surveillance video near the shooting location about 10 minutes prior to the incident.

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Shortly after the shooting occurred, surveillance video captured Armas’ truck driving recklessly through a red light as it fled from the scene, as stated in the report.

According to a witness, it was speculated that the shooting may have been a response to a previous homicide. According to the report, the victim’s father has been charged with the murder of Armas’ uncle. According to court documents, the jury trial for that case is set to commence in August.

According to the report, a social media account that police believed belonged to Armas showed him attending a candlelight vigil for his uncle. The caption on the post contained offensive language and derogatory remarks.

A video on the account, recorded just before the shooting, seemed to capture someone in the passenger seat of a vehicle, making derogatory remarks towards a young individual. Where are you, young child? The report mentioned that someone would wait by the person’s house if they wanted to come out and play.

Armas was apprehended and placed under arrest by detectives on May 18. During a search warrant of a residence linked to Armas, law enforcement discovered multiple firearms.

When questioned by the police about the ongoing dispute between his family and the victim’s family, Armas claimed to have no knowledge of the situation. According to the report, Armas stated that he was unaware of any details regarding his uncle’s death and had no knowledge of the identity of his uncle’s killer.

Armas adamantly denied any connection to the shooting and insisted to the police that the social media account did not belong to him. However, the police pointed out that the account contained photos of him and the name and date of birth matched his.

Upon reading certain posts from the social media accounts targeting the victim’s family, Armas couldn’t help but burst into laughter, rocking back and forth in his chair. Armas remained unresponsive when the police informed him of the charges he was facing.

Armas is charged with attempted murder, battery, and multiple counts of discharging a gun into an occupied structure or vehicle.

He is currently in custody at the Clark County Detention Center, with bail set at $250,000. Mark your calendars for May 23, as that’s when his next court appearance is set to take place. If Armas is granted bail, he will be subject to strict conditions, including high-level electronic monitoring, a prohibition on possessing weapons, and a no-contact order with the victim.

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