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Man Killed Wife and Kept Body in Basement; Police Recover Rotten Body Parts After Conviction in Pennsylvania; Finally Found Guilty

Man Killed Wife and Kept Body in Basement; Police Recover Rotten Body Parts After Conviction in Pennsylvania; Finally Found Guilty

Authorities have confirmed that human remains were discovered in the basement of the Johnstown residence previously occupied by Brian Bradley Giles, who was later convicted for the tragic death of his wife, Nancy Giles.

“The investigation and removal of these remains will be conducted with thoroughness and precision,” stated Cambria County Coroner Jeff Lees.

Law enforcement officials conducted a search warrant at a residence on Franklin Street in Kernville on Friday morning. The search was prompted by information suggesting the presence of a body in the basement. The human remains were discovered in less than three hours.

Lees described the death as “highly suspicious.” The investigators are ensuring that the case is handled with utmost dignity and respect.

Brian Giles, 48, resided with Nancy Giles in an apartment located in the Franklin Street house prior to her disappearance in October 2018. The discovery of her remains took place in May 2019, in a shallow grave near a trail on the Inclined Plane hillside in downtown Johnstown.

A jury in Cambria County court has convicted Brian Giles of first-degree murder and aggravated assault in her slaying, bringing the trial to a close as per The Tribune-Democrat.

Jilly Todaro, who lived with Giles at the Franklin Street apartment, was his girlfriend at the time of Nancy Giles’ disappearance. According to authorities, there have been no sightings or indications of her since she went missing in December 2020.

Man Killed Wife and Kept Body in Basement; Police Recover Rotten Body Parts After Conviction in Pennsylvania; Finally Found Guilty (1)

Cambria County District Attorney Greg Neugebauer chose not to provide any details regarding the case in question, but he did concur with Lees that the discovery of the body was highly suspicious.

“We currently have limited information to share until we receive a confirmed identification,” Neugebauer stated.

According to Lees, the human remains were found in a basement crawlspace, buried about two to three feet below the dirt surface. He mentioned that it would take several hours to remove them.

After extraction, the human remains were scheduled to be transported to ForensicDx in Windber for an autopsy on Saturday. Following that, they would be sent to Mercyhurst University in Erie for further forensic investigation.

Neugebauer confirmed that authorities have taken action at the location before, but chose not to provide additional details.

Both Lees and Neugebauer expressed their appreciation for the prompt response of all the agencies involved in the operation.

Alongside county officials, a multitude of organizations and teams were present at the scene. These included a Mercyhurst University forensic science team, Johnstown Police Department detectives and officers, representatives from a Pennsylvania Urban Search and Rescue unit, the Cambria County Emergency Management Agency, the Johnstown Fire Department, the Cambria County Box 11 first responder support group, and cadaver dog Rio and handler John Ackerman from the Greensburg Cadaver Detection Unit.

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Excavation began shortly after Rio was taken into the basement.

According to Lees, the basement consists of a combination of concrete and a crawlspace in the wall. The focus of the efforts was on the area with a dirt floor behind the crawlspace.

Members of the Mercyhurst University team diligently extracted bucket after bucket of dirt and carefully sifted through the debris under a tent in the backyard of the residence, while other investigators provided assistance and observed.

According to Lees, the investigation heavily relies on the assistance of the forensic team. It is crucial to get it right, as there is no room for error.

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