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Man Killed Mother of his Kids and 2 other Family Members in New Jersey and Pennsylvania; only Prays to God for forgiveness in court

Man Killed Mother of his Kids and 2 other Family Members in New Jersey and Pennsylvania; only Prays to God for forgiveness in court

Philadelphia, PA: A homeless man killed 3 family members in a crime spree that ran across two states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

He stated he could only “pray to God” after his first court appearance on Wednesday, but the district attorney in Pennsylvania who is prosecuting the case said she would pursue the death penalty against the homeless man who was accused of killing three relatives last month.

Murder charges have been filed against Andre Gordon Jr. in connection with the tragic shooting deaths of his stepmother, teenage sister, and children’s mother on March 16. The killing spree spanned two states.

In court on Wednesday, District Attorney Jennifer Schorn reportedly stated, “I am putting this defendant on notice,” as reported by the Bucks County Courier.

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The “multiple killings and grave risk to others” prompted Schorn to make the hasty proclamation, she said.

Since 1999, the state has refrained from carrying out the execution of a convicted murderer.

Although Schorn is seeking the death penalty, executions will not be permitted in the state while Josh Shapiro is in office, according to Shapiro.

The 26-year-old Gordon allegedly shot and killed his stepmother Karen Gordon, 52, and 13-year-old sister Kera Gordon in a Levittown home after carjacking a vehicle in Trenton, New Jersey. He then crossed the Pennsylvania line, according to the police.

After killing his children’s mother, Taylor Daniel, 25, at one house in the same town, he allegedly went to another house and assaulted the grandchildren’s grandma with a firearm, wounding her.

According to the police, the two children were in the area when the incident occurred.

After that, he snatched another automobile and ran back to New Jersey, where he was eventually apprehended by the authorities.

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Gordon, who was without legal representation, seemed bewildered when he stood before Judge John Galloway for the first time.

Gordon said, “Not really,” in response to Galloway’s question about whether or not he knew the accusations were being read at a preliminary hearing.

To this he responded, “Yes, sir,” as the judge reaffirmed his earlier statements. Earlier on Wednesday, he declined to be extradited to Pennsylvania.

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