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Man killed his own Mother after a Heated argument in San Francisco after he seriously Injured a Gas Station worker

Man killed his own Mother after a Heated argument in San Francisco after he seriously Injured a Gas Station worker

San Francisco, CA: The San Francisco Police Department arrested a man after he allegedly killed his own mother after a hot argument.

According to the victim, prosecutors, and the man who stabbed his mother to death in her San Francisco home last week, the suspect had assaulted a gas station worker five days earlier, beating her and injuring her severely.

A criminal complaint was filed on Friday in San Francisco Superior Court charging Marceleno Wilson, 46, with felony assault and second-degree commercial burglary. The attack occurred on March 8 at the Shell station on Mission Street, just west of Bernal Heights.

The charges were announced on Wednesday by the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office, along with others related to the murder that occurred on Appleton Avenue in Holly Park on March 13.

According to 53-year-old Shell employee Orlando Umanzor Rodriguez, he was sipping his morning coffee at 6:45 a.m. when a man attempted to use an EBT card to purchase gas worth $50, but was twice turned away.

Umanzor Rodriguez, the gas station worker who was beaten by the suspect.

He claimed the man returned shortly later, climbed behind the register through a door that workers had left ajar, and began punching Umanzor without cause.

He claimed that Umanzor took a tumble, slammed his head against the counter behind the register, and subsequently needed stitches to close a bloody gaping wound between his eyes.

According to Umanzor, the man ran away when a colleague triggered the quiet alarm to call the police. When the San Francisco Police Department got to the location at about 7:11 a.m., they found the perpetrator had already fled, as confirmed by the department.

Umanzor claimed he had not viewed the CCTV film of the assault because his coworkers had warned him it was too violent.

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Umanzor claims that Wilson applied for a job at the petrol station in late December after making many trips there, but was turned down.

According to Umanzor, investigators have informed him that he may be asked to identify Wilson as his assailant during his Friday appointment.

According to a news release from the District Attorney’s Office, a woman was discovered deceased with apparent stab wounds less than a quarter of a mile distant from the gas station attack. This incident occurred five days after the gas station attack. In the criminal complaint, her only identity was Rita W., 66.

According to Rita’s neighbors, the mother and her son had a history of violent confrontations; the son had reportedly kicked in the door before. Over the past month, they noticed police vehicles stationed outside the building three times. From the gas station employee’s photos and the ones shared on social media, they were able to determine that Wilson was her son.

Within hours of Wilson’s identification as the murder suspect, police in the Ingleside area attempted to pull him over for a traffic stop, according to prosecutors. After leading authorities on a pursuit, he was apprehended in Oakland.

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Concerning the killing and pursuit that occurred on March 13, Wilson is facing charges of murder, elder abuse, first-degree domestic burglary, and escaping an officer. These accusations are in addition to the assault and burglary charges that are associated with the attack that occurred on March 8. According to the District Attorney’s Office, he was arraigned on Tuesday and entered a not-guilty plea to all charges.

As far as anyone can tell from public documents, Wilson has a history of incarceration in both Sacramento and San Mateo counties. Prosecutors used his criminal past as aggravating circumstances in their murder case.

Without bail, Wilson is still in jail. April 16 is when he is next due in court.

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