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Man Killed Friend and Chopped and Dumped Body Parts; Finally Arrested by Pennsylvania Authorities

Man Killed Friend and Chopped and Dumped Body Parts; Finally Arrested by Pennsylvania Authorities

A Pennsylvania man has been taken into custody following the discovery of his roommate’s dismembered body, which was found scattered across three separate locations.

David Hittinger’s remains were found in various locations in Slatington, as reported by CBS News.

During a press briefing, Lehigh County District Attorney Gavin Holihan revealed the discovery of body parts in various locations. Garbage bags at Slatington’s Fairview Cemetery contained some of the remains, while others were found along the D&L Trail and at a quarry off of Welsh town Road in Washington Township, as reported by WSYX, an ABC affiliate.

Authorities initiated a search for Hittinger, 37, following a concerned call from a friend, as reported by CBS News. He had been strangely absent for quite some time, according to Holihan, especially considering it was his birthday.

An investigation was initiated in the early afternoon of Monday, May 13, as Hittinger had reportedly not been seen by friends or heard from since Saturday, May 11, around 7 p.m. local time.

Upon further investigation, authorities discovered a connection between Hittinger’s roommate, Joshua Moser, and the location where the victim had recently relocated.

During a search warrant at the residence, state troopers discovered compelling evidence, such as hair and a significant amount of blood, linking Moser, 33, to the victim, as reported by CBS News and NBC News.

CBS News reported that Holihan mentioned the discovery of various items, such as a saw, a boxcutter, and additional evidence of blood, including bloody clothing.

According to NBC News, investigators discovered that Moser’s basement had been quickly arranged to hide the presence of blood.

Moser has been taken into custody and is facing charges of criminal homicide, abuse of corpse, and tampering with/fabricating physical evidence, according to NBC News.

During his time in police custody, he reportedly confessed to the murder of Hittinger. The alleged method involved strangulation and hitting his head with a hammer in his basement. This information was reported by WSYX and NBC News.

Officials have not yet provided an official cause of death or motive for the suspected murder.

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