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Man Killed Estranged Wife with Hammer leaving Teen Son Devastated for Life; Pleaded Guilty in Virginia Court

Man Killed Estranged Wife with Hammer leaving Teen Son Devastated for Life; Pleaded Guilty in Virginia Court

A man from Loudoun County, Virginia, confessed on Thursday to the murder of his estranged wife using a hammer in November 2021. This disturbing incident occurred while he was awaiting trial for a previous assault.

A plea agreement was accepted by Circuit Court Judge Matthew Snow on Thursday, sentencing Peter Lollobrigido, aged 52 and from Sterling, to 42 years in prison for the tragic killing of Regina Redman-Lollobrigido.

In a striking red and white striped jumpsuit, Lollobrigido admitted his guilt seven times as the clerk listed the charges against him: first-degree murder, malicious wounding, violating a protective order, two counts of abduction by force, and assault and battery of a family member.

The sentencing date has been set for October 24th.

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On the day of the tragic incident, Lollobrigido was already facing trial for the unfortunate event that occurred in July 2021. According to prosecutors, he was wearing a court-ordered GPS monitor when he retrieved a hammer from under a kitchen sink and used it to repeatedly strike his wife in the head, shortly after expressing his love for her.

The plea agreement, spanning seven pages, stipulated that Lollobrigido would receive a life sentence, with all but 42 years suspended. As part of the overall charges, he will serve the murder sentence concurrently with other charges.

These include 20 years for aggravated malicious wounding, 10 years for each abduction, and one year each for violating a protective order and two counts of assault and battery of a family member.

In the four-page proffer of facts, prosecutor Nicole Wittmann and public defender Adam Pouilliard noted that Ms. Redman’s family is in support of the plea. The plea brings them a sense of certainty and finality, which they greatly appreciate.

The family is content with the duration of the agreed-upon sentence, considering Lollobrigido’s age as per WTOP News.

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