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Man Killed Boss and Dismembered Body after Boss Deteced Embezzlement; Killer Convicted in New York City

Man Killed Boss and Dismembered Body after Boss Deteced Embezzlement; Killer Convicted in New York City

In a shocking turn of events, the former executive assistant of a tech CEO has been convicted of a gruesome crime. The assistant was found guilty on Monday of murdering his boss, and the details of the crime are truly horrifying.

According to a news release from the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, the assistant not only took the life of his boss but also went to the extreme of decapitating and dismembering the victim. This tragic incident occurred in 2020, leaving many in disbelief.

Authorities have alleged that Tyrese Haspil, 25, took the life of Fahim Saleh, 33, in order to conceal his embezzlement of approximately $400,000 from the successful venture capitalist and CEO of Gokada, a prominent Nigerian motorcycle ride-hail company.

According to a statement from the DA’s office, Haspil has been found guilty by a jury of multiple charges including first-degree murder, second-degree grand larceny, and second-degree burglary.

The release states that Haspil is anticipated to receive his sentence in September.

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Haspil joined Saleh’s team as an assistant in May 2018. In this role, he had a range of responsibilities, including managing Saleh’s finances. This allowed him to have access to Saleh’s financial records, as stated by the DA’s office.

During that autumn, Haspil engaged in theft from Saleh’s companies through two distinct schemes, as stated by the DA’s office. According to the release, Haspil allegedly set up multiple financial accounts, including a PayPal account, to discreetly move funds into these accounts. He also reportedly fabricated statements and simulated transactions in order to avoid detection by his employer.

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According to the release, Haspil resigned in May 2019, but still engaged in the act of stealing money.

In January 2020, following the discovery of a fraud, Haspil was confronted by Saleh, his former mentee, regarding the theft of $35,000 from the company. Saleh proposed a settlement to repay the debt and prevent legal action, as stated in the release.

Man Killed Boss and Dismembered Body after Boss find Embezzlement; Killer Convicted in New York City (1)
Fahim Saleh, co-founder and CEO of Gokada

Haspil has been found guilty of using stolen funds from a financial scheme to repay Saleh over a period of two years. This action resulted in him embezzling almost $400,000, as stated by the DA’s office.

Concerned that Saleh might discover his ongoing embezzlement, Haspil made the disturbing choice to orchestrate Saleh’s murder. He believed that eliminating his former boss would ensure Saleh couldn’t testify against him, as stated in the release.

According to a release, on July 13, 2020, Haspil entered Saleh’s Lower East Side condo, where he proceeded to tase him in the back and inflict multiple stab wounds. The following day, Haspil went back to the apartment to dismember the body and tidy up the crime scene, as stated in the release.

During the incident, Haspil briefly left the scene in an attempt to clean up. It was during this time that Saleh’s cousin, who had gone to the apartment to check on him, made a gruesome discovery. Saleh’s body was found with his head and limbs severed, according to the release. Haspil chose not to return to the apartment upon noticing the presence of law enforcement officers.

Haspil was apprehended by police in Manhattan on July 17 as reported by CNN.

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