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Man found Dead in Suitcase after Drunk Couple Played Hide and Seek in Florida; Girlfriend facing Charges

Man found Dead in Suitcase after Drunk Couple Played Hide and Seek in Florida; Girlfriend facing Charges

A woman from Florida is set to face trial in October after a hearing on Friday. She is accused of ignoring her boyfriend, who was found trapped inside a suitcase in their home.

A trial date of Oct. 7 has been scheduled for Sarah Boone in state court in Orlando, nearly four years after her arrest. Boone, 46, maintains his innocence in regards to the second-degree murder charge.

During the investigation, Boone informed detectives from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office that she and her boyfriend, Jorge Torres, were engaged in a game of hide and seek at their Winter Park, Florida residence. In a lighthearted moment, they decided it would be amusing for Torres to climb into a suitcase.

After consuming alcohol, she made the decision to go to sleep, believing that Torres would be able to free himself from the suitcase, as stated by the detectives in the arrest report.

Upon awakening the following morning, she discovered the absence of Torres, only to recollect that he was confined within the suitcase. Upon unzipping the suitcase, she discovered him in an unresponsive state, as stated in the arrest report.

According to the arrest report, detectives charged Boone with murder after discovering videos on her cellphone. These videos showed Torres yelling that he couldn’t breathe while trapped in a suitcase and calling out Boone’s name as per the Associated Press.

“Yeah, that’s what you do when you choke me,” Boone responded in one of the videos, as stated in the report. “Oh, that’s how I feel when you betray my trust.”

An autopsy report revealed that Torres had various injuries, including scratches on his back and neck, contusions to his shoulder, skull, and forehead caused by blunt force trauma, and a cut near his lip.

Since her arrest, Boone has had multiple attorneys, which has caused a delay in her trial.

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