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Man chopped Woman and discarded Body Parts in Lake in Ohio, Case closed as Killer Died at 92 before Prosecution

Man chopped Woman and discarded Body Parts in Lake in Ohio, Case closed as Killer Died at 92 before Prosecution

Troy, OH: The Ohio authorities have announced that they have closed the murder case involving a woman whose body parts were discovered in a gravel pit and a canal channel. The crime was committed sixty years from today.

According to the Miami County sheriff’s office, the case was permitted to be closed on Friday by Miami County Prosecutor Anthony Kendall, who had received statements from a suspect and information from a crucial witness to the 1964 murder of Daisy Shelton. No longer are either the witness or the suspect alive.

Authorities stated that in June 1964, one fisherman removed a severed limb from a gravel dump east of Tipp City, and four days later, another fisherman discovered a burlap bag in a channel of the old Miami Erie canal that contained a dismembered corpse. Later on, a limb and a head were discovered in the waterway.

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The victim was identified as Daisy Evelyn Shelton, a 43-year-old from Dayton, according to the sheriff’s office. The case remained unsolved until 2017 when a witness who was terrified he was about to die confessed to a nurse. He got better and informed authorities that he witnessed Shelton’s murder in a Dayton residence, where she was struck on the head with a hammer. According to him, her remains were dismembered and dumped in nearby bodies of water at Tipp City, which is located north of Dayton.

The individual being investigated was questioned by investigators and, at first, denied knowing Shelton, even though they shared a street and an employer. However, in August 2017, the suspect “reluctantly admitted” to knowing the victim, according to the sheriff’s office.

The suspect admitted that a container from his residence was utilized to transport the victim’s body parts and that he could have been the murder site. However, he “asserted it was a set-up being perpetrated by the eyewitness of the crime,” according to the sheriff’s office. “He acknowledged that he appeared guilty and may face a potential conviction in court,” stated the sheriff’s office.

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“The suspect died in September of 2022 at the age of ninety-two,” the sheriff’s office claimed, adding that the witness who testified before the grand jury passed away before the matter could be pursued.

Reopening cold-case homicide cases “is a crucial aspect of bringing a sense of justice to the victim’s family, even if it comes long after the crime occurred,” according to the county sheriff’s office, which added that investigating such cases is very challenging.

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