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Man Brutally Molested Woman and Tried to Cut Her Breasts in Florida; Authorities Arrest Perpetrator with Lengthy Rap Sheet

Man Brutally Molested Woman and Tried to Cut Her Breasts in Florida; Authorities Arrest Perpetrator with Lengthy Rap Sheet

A man from Florida, who has a tattoo on his forehead, is facing trial for the alleged rape of a woman. The victim was reportedly forced to engage in oral sex and suffered breast mutilation.

55-year-old Bruce Whitehead is facing a multitude of serious charges, including sexual battery with a deadly weapon, attempted first-degree murder, kidnapping with intent to inflict harm, and robbery. The judge presided over pretrial motions on Monday, with jury selection set to commence on Tuesday.

An incident occurred at an Orlando-area bar on Dec. 10, 2022, where Whitehead approached the victim and made a proposition involving a monetary offer of $850 for a specific activity. The woman informed the police that she entered his vehicle and they proceeded to drive around for a period of time.

According to reports, Whitehead reportedly forced the victim out of the car at knifepoint and instructed her to lie down in the back seat. According to the affidavit, he proceeded to drive to a secluded wooded area, where he once again compelled her to exit the vehicle. There, he used a knife to remove her clothing.

According to the affidavit, Whitehead is accused of biting off a portion of the victim’s breast and attempting to cut it. He is accused of coercing the victim into engaging in oral sex. Additionally, it was reported that he inflicted burns on the victim’s backside using a lit cigarette.

The victim claimed that Whitehead proceeded to stab her in the chest. The woman bravely defended herself against Whitehead’s attack and managed to escape, according to the affidavit.

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A woman sprinted through the street and caught the attention of a bystander, who immediately dialed emergency services. Investigators successfully located the suspect vehicle and subsequently discovered that Whitehead had borrowed it, according to the owner. Whitehead was apprehended by law enforcement a few days later and has remained incarcerated ever since.

Whitehead encountered some difficulties during his time in jail. An acquaintance he had met at a halfway house encountered him earlier this year in the Orange County Jail. As per the friend’s account, Whitehead provided him with a document containing the name and details of the victim.

According to the friend, Whitehead supposedly requested his assistance in locating her and attempting to persuade her not to testify. Whitehead was initially charged with witness intimidation, but the case was later dropped by prosecutors.

In 1986, Whitehead was convicted in the Jacksonville area of attempted murder, sexual battery with a weapon or force, and kidnapping. It is important to note that Whitehead is a registered sex offender as reported by Law&Crime.

According to records from the Florida Department of Corrections, he was released in 2007 after serving a 30-year prison sentence. In addition, he was incarcerated for approximately three years due to a 2015 incident of simple battery.

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