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Man Beaten to Death with Hammer; Was Buried Using Excavator in Texas; Killers Recorded the Entire Incident: Authorities

Man Beaten to Death with Hammer; Was Buried Using Excavator in Texas; Killers Recorded the Entire Incident: Authorities

Three individuals have been apprehended and charged with the murder of a man in Texas. It is alleged that they brutally attacked the man with a hammer, subsequently concealing his body in a barrel. Disturbingly, they recorded themselves utilizing construction equipment to bury the victim.

Authorities have announced that Jesus Grijalva Jr., 43, Samuel Uvalle Sr., 47, and Monica Gomez, 41, were arrested last month and are now facing murder charges in relation to the violent killing of Juan Carlos Hernandez De Leon.

Roberto Salas, 35, has been evading capture for several weeks and is still at large as a fourth murder suspect.

A possible homicide in San Juan, Texas was reported to the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office on May 13, as stated in a news release. According to a witness, an adult male who had been reported missing earlier in the month, later identified as Hernandez De Leon, was found dead at a residence on Morningset Road. The residence is located approximately 240 miles south of San Antonio.

In a shocking revelation, the witness informed investigators that the victim’s body had been relocated to a different spot in the vicinity of the 4600 block of Wisconsin Road in Edinburg, Texas. This new location is just a few miles northwest of where the alleged murder took place.

At first, investigators named Grijalva Jr, Uvalle Sr., and Salas as the individuals responsible for Hernandez De Leon’s murder. According to witness testimony and cellphone video obtained from one of the suspects, authorities have confirmed that Gomez was involved in the killing and burial of Hernandez De Leon.

Witnesses informed investigators that Uvalle Sr. visited Grijalva Jr.’s residence on Morningset Road at approximately 4 a.m. on May 7 and engaged in an argument with Hernendez De Leon, as stated in a probable cause affidavit obtained by Brownsville NBC and CBS affiliate KVEO. Authorities have reported that the argument eventually turned into a physical altercation.

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According to a report from The Monitor newspaper, an affidavit states that Samuel Uvalle (Sr.) allegedly attacked Juan Carlos (Hernandez De Leon) with a hammer. Roberto Salas and Jesus Grijalva (Jr.) teamed up with Samuel Uvalle (Sr.) for the attack. Jesus Grijalva Jr. allegedly used a hammer to attack Juan Carlos (Hernandez De Leon).

According to KVEO, Gomez was allegedly involved in the victim’s fatal beating.

According to reports, the three male suspects reportedly placed Hernandez De Leon’s body into a barrel, which was then loaded onto a truck and taken to a property in Edinburg. According to reports, the individuals reportedly utilized an excavator to dig a hole and conceal the container holding Hernandez De Leon’s remains.

According to investigators, they examined Grijalva’s cellphone and discovered video footage that allegedly shows Gomez assisting him in using the excavator to bury the barrel.

Another individual, Alejandro Cantu, 28, has been apprehended in relation to the homicide. According to detectives, it was discovered that Cantu had acquired the excavator that was later used to bury Hernandez De Leon. Additionally, it was revealed that Cantu was aware of the presence of the body inside the barrel. He is facing a charge of tampering with physical evidence with the intention to impair a human corpse. He is currently being held on a bond of $1 million.

Gomez is currently being held on a bond of $4.3 million, while Uvalle Sr. and Grijalva are both being held on a bond of $5 million as per Law&Crime.

Authorities have stressed that the investigation into the murder of Hernandez De Leon is still ongoing. They are urging anyone who may have information related to the case to contact them at 956-383-8114.

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