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Man arrested after he rubbed feet of Woman on his face when interviewing for Housekeeper Position in Oregon

Man arrested after he rubbed feet of Woman on his face when interviewing for Housekeeper Position in Oregon

Aloha, OR: An Oregon man was apprehended after reportedly grabbing a woman’s bare feet and rubbing them across his face. The individual is currently facing many charges of harassment and sexual assault.

The man put up an ad on Craiglist for a housekeeping position. The woman reached out to Liu after seeing that ad.

Oregon resident Jimmy Jen Liu, 55, was taken into custody following accusations that he lured a woman to his residence and engaged in “unwanted contact” with her. The woman allegedly called 911 to describe her interaction with the man from Oregon, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the woman’s statement to the Sheriff’s Office, she came across an ad on Craigslist for a housekeeper. Arriving at Liu’s house in Aloha, OR, the woman finally inquired about the gig. The woman asserted that Liu started to make her feel uneasy by engaging in “unwanted contact” shortly after she arrived at the residence.

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The Oregon man allegedly reached down and started rubbing her bare feet across his face, according to the lady. The woman finally snapped and stormed out of Liu’s house with her possessions, phoning the police in the aftermath. A second lady had claimed a comparable interaction with Jimmy Liu in February 2024, according to deputies from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, who were conducting their investigation.

The second woman was responding to a housekeeper ad on Craigslist, too, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. Who or what they were talking about throughout that woman’s meeting is unknown.

The man from Oregon was taken into custody by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office at his residence and subsequently placed into the Washington County Jail just hours after the most recent incident on March 15. The man faced third-degree accusations of sexual abuse and harassment. Jimmy Liu faced extra counts of attempted harassment and attempted third-degree sexual abuse during his court appearance.

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Jimmy Liu allegedly began posting ads for housekeepers as early as 2017 on his massive social media following, which investigators have now uncovered. The man from Oregon reportedly promoted his math tutoring services to kids. The two women described above are not the only ones who could be victims of Liu; deputies are appealing to anyone with information to come forward.

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