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Man Arrested after a Police Chase on Interstate 85

Man Arrested after a Police Chase on Interstate 85

A man was arrested in Salisbury after he tried to escape the police when stopped for a traffic check.

It is reported that the driver was stopped before and received a speeding ticket. His license was also expired. The incident happened on Interstate 85.

Just before one in the morning on Wednesday, the second traffic stop was initiated close to Interstate Exit 68. According to a representative for the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office, a deputy stationed on the ramp reported witnessing a black passenger car traveling southward without using its rear lights.

When the deputy finally caught up to the car around the Old Beatty Ford Road exit ramp, he saw that it was changing lanes dangerously in front of a tractor-trailer.

After that, the deputy tried to stop the black car by turning on his car’s lights, but the driver allegedly tried to escape by accelerating.

According to the spokesperson, the driver started erratively changing lanes as he accelerated, constantly flashing his headlight high beams to distract other vehicles. The pursuit went on until the driver turned off the interstate onto Kannapolis’ Cannon Boulevard.

At the intersection of Cannon and Dale Earnhardt Boulevards, police officers from Kannapolis had set up stop sticks. The driver abruptly made a U-turn and started traveling down Cannon Boulevard in the direction of the Interstate upon spotting the police cars.

The police finally arrested the driver. The driver is identified as Khan Kpa and is 19 years old.

Man Arrested after a Police Chase on Interstate 85

The charges against Khan Kpa, 19, included fleeing to elude law enforcement, speeding more than fifteen miles per hour over the posted limit, operating a vehicle with a suspended license, using a fake license plate, showing an expired registration plate, and operating a vehicle without rear lights.

Kpa was given a $30,000 bond and brought to the Rowan County Detention Center.

At the Oregon Boulevard intersection, the driver finally struck stop sticks placed there by Landis police officers. The driver allegedly took the ramp back onto the interstate even as his tires deflated. Before stopping, the driver went a quarter of a mile.

A second deputy arrived to help while the first deputy was arresting the driver. He claimed to have pulled over the man at around 12:30 a.m. and given him a citation for operating a vehicle while he had his license suspended, the spokesperson said.

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