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Major Drug Bust By San Jose Police; Cash and Drugs Confiscated

Major Drug Bust By San Jose Police; Cash and Drugs Confiscated

San Jose, CA: Officers of the San Jose Police Department’s Southern Division were vigilant, working tirelessly to enhance the safety of the streets.

During a routine traffic stop, law enforcement officers made a significant discovery after they pulled over a vehicle and found sufficient reason to search.

Inside the car, they made a significant discovery: a driver traveling alone, but not alone in his cargo. They found a substantial amount of crack cocaine, carefully packaged to distribute. It was like a dangerous time bomb, waiting to wreak havoc on the community.

Amidst the ongoing chaos, the officers managed to secure a search warrant for the suspect’s residence. To their surprise, they uncovered a significant amount of contraband, including a loaded firearm hidden among a stash of cash.

As per the shared brief from San Jose PD’s X post, officers confiscated around $38,000 in cash along with a variety of drugs, which unfortunately contributed to the distressing atmosphere in many local neighborhoods.

The driver, known for his criminal history, found himself behind bars once again, leaving behind his weapon for a different kind of confinement.

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