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Maine Mass Shooting Investigation Handed over to the Army

Maine Mass Shooting Investigation Handed over to the Army

In October, Robert Cards opened fire with an assault rifle in a bowling alley in Maine, killing 18 people in the shooting. Cards had served in the Army Reserve Unit.

The army has now taken up the shooting massacre incident for further investigation. The incident happened in Lewiston.

According to reports, Under Secretary of the Army Gabe Camarillo informed Reps. Chellie Pingree and Jared Golden that the army will conduct a thorough investigation. He also wrote letters to Susan Collins and Angus King, the two senators from Maine.

“The Army is committed to diligently investigating all facts and events related to the Army involving SFC Card in the months and days before he committed these heinous acts,” Camarillo wrote to the lawmakers.

In a letter written in October, Collins and King asked Lieutenant General Donna Martin to examine the mass shooting in great detail.

Before the Lewiston Massacre, Card had more warning signs. Through a nationwide awareness notice in mid-September, Maine police were alerted to the possibility of Card’s whereabouts.

Just 10 days after he bought his firearms in July, Card started “hearing voices” and threatening other soldiers in his Army Reserve unit.

A medical examination at the U.S. Military Academy’s Keller Army Community Hospital in West Point, New York, was carried out on Cards following the threats and his irrational behavior. In May, Card’s son and family started to mention his strange and menacing conduct.

The authorities launched a statewide search to find Cards after receiving the army troopers’ warning. He never showed up, and there were no reports of his irrational behavior.

Card entered the Just-in-Time bowling alley and emptied his gun at the people. The incident happened after 7 pm and took the lives of 18 people. Card’s former wife and their teenage son fled, and law enforcement officials launched a large manhunt for Card following the incident.

Two days after the shooting massacre, authorities recovered Cards’ body. The cause of the death was self-inflicted gun wounds. He took his own life after killing 18 people.

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