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Louisiana Teen Shot Dead after He Got Off School Bus; Mother Devastated after Immense Loss and Killer Laughed when Sentenced by Jury

Louisiana Teen Shot Dead after He Got Off School Bus; Mother Devastated after Immense Loss and Killer Laughed when Sentenced by Jury

A jury in Louisiana reached a swift verdict in the case of a teenage boy’s murder and the attempted murder of another teen. Andrew Pernell, 21, was found guilty in just 27 minutes, which elicited an unexpected reaction from Pernell.

The reaction followed a trial that concluded in less than a week, and as reported by local Fox affiliate WVUE, it was not the sole instance of Pernell displaying animation in the Washington Parish courtroom. During closing arguments, prosecutors emphasized an incident where Pernell made an inappropriate gesture towards a young witness in the courtroom. Additionally, they pointed out that when another witness started testifying, Pernell formed his hand into the shape of a gun and directed it towards the individual.

The defendant is set to receive a mandatory life sentence and his sentencing is scheduled for September 5th.

A shocking incident unfolded in August 2021, when a 21-year-old resident of Angie, Louisiana, embarked on a disturbing rampage through the city of Bogalusa. Without any regard for the lives of others, the individual indiscriminately fired shots at innocent people, including children.

Aaron Brown, 18, was tragically shot multiple times shortly after getting off the school bus and standing on a street corner along Dan Street and Hickory Avenue. This devastating incident occurred as he was returning home from Bogalosa High School. According to authorities, Pernell allegedly fired at Brown from a vehicle in which he was accompanied by two other individuals, including Jayden Brister and an unidentified 17-year-old. Both Brister and the 17-year-old have since been charged in connection with the incident, as confirmed by Bogalosa Police.

Prosecutors have revealed that several spent cartridges were found at the location of the shooting, which were subsequently linked to Pernell.

After the tragic incident involving Brown, a series of shootings occurred on September 15, 2021. Multiple gunshots were fired at a residence in Bogalusa, putting the lives of three children and a bed-bound disabled woman at risk. Thankfully, there were no casualties or injuries, although Pernell did cause damage to the property.

In less than a week, he committed another act of violence, shooting a teenager right after the young person stepped off a school bus. A 13-year-old managed to survive a hail of gunfire. Pernell discharged a minimum of nine rounds during this incident and was apprehended by law enforcement while attempting to escape. After crashing his car, authorities discovered a firearm that he attempted to discard during the pursuit. Remarkably, the police were able to trace the weapon back to his DNA.

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According to a report from local NBC affiliate WDSU, text messages found on Pernell’s phone, which was confiscated by the police after his arrest, revealed conversations with his co-defendant Matthew Kennedy about buying guns and planning a murder.

He confessed to Kennedy, saying “I kill ppl,” as reported by Law and Crime.

According to reports, Jayden Brister, another individual, had exchanged text messages with Pernell prior to the shooting. According to Louisiana District Attorney Colin Sims, Pernell allegedly sent a message to Brister mentioning that he possessed an AR and was in need of a person.

Following the shooting of Brown, Sims disclosed that Pernell later sent a message in which he expressed his intention to dispose of the weapon.

Pernell has been convicted of multiple serious charges, including second-degree murder, attempted second-degree murder, conspiracy to commit second-degree murder, and assault by drive-by shooting. Brister, who was a juvenile at the time and later charged as an adult, pleaded guilty to his involvement in the murder of Aaron Brown and was sentenced to 30 years.

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