Los Cerritos Wetlands Warehouse Project Gets Nod After Long Delay

Los Cerritos Wetlands Warehouse Project Gets Nod After Long Delay

On Monday afternoon, the city of Los Angeles approved the East Long Beach Warehouse Project. The project will be executed near Los Cerritos Wetlands.

The proposed project will build 140,000 square feet of area and will feature two 35-foot tall industrial buildings, parking spaces, and bicycle spaces.

The mostly vacant 8.5-acre lot east of the T-intersection of Loynes Drive and Studebaker Road will have a total floor space of 139,200 square feet.

Los Cerritos Wetlands Authority will look over the landscaped area. The California Coastal Commission and the city have been at odds over the project for years. Although the Coastal Commission approved it in 2021 and the Planning Commission approved it in 2019, delays necessitated a new approval.

The project is approved with specific conditions as stipulated by the joint commissions. Electric vehicle charging points, bird-safe construction, and limited light emission so as not to disturb the wetlands habitat.

Panattoni Development proposed the project and decided to comply with all the conditions including the truck unloading dock limited to the eastern side of the building, and the potential removal of the project if any stipulated condition is violated.

Further, the construction of any flooding barrier is prohibited, and if roads leading to the site are not accessible the project will be terminated.

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