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Los Angeles Sanitation Workers to Sweep Garbage from Homeless Encampments under Overpass Bridges

Los Angeles Sanitation Workers to Sweep Garbage from Homeless Encampments under Overpass Bridges

Los Angeles, CA: Sanitation staff in Los Angeles may now sweep up homeless encampments along state roadways with relative ease. City officials would have to go through convoluted state permission procedures for every cleaning before the accord.

“Collaboration is key” in the fight to house people, expressed California Governor Gavin Newsom. “This agreement between the City of Los Angeles and the state underscores our shared commitment to addressing encampments and ensuring clean and safe public spaces for all Californians.”

The state of California has agreed to give easy access and partially reimburse the city of Los Angeles for cleanups on highway sites operated by Caltrans as part of a new agreement between the two entities.

Mayor Karen Bass of Los Angeles spearheaded the agreement, which prohibits the removal of “any graffiti that in any way resembles a mural, artwork, paintings, or other similar elements” and comprises certain cleanup requirements.

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Bob Blumfield, a council member for Los Angeles, expressed his gratitude to Caltrans, saying, “Caltrans is an essential partner in our local infrastructure and mobility. I am pleased they will also be a collaborator in keeping freeway areas clean and clear as we all prioritize addressing homelessness and keeping our communities safe through this MOU.” They also mentioned the importance of Caltrans’s role in maintaining local infrastructure and mobility.

In response to the increased scrutiny of homeless encampments under or near roads following the November fire that closed the I-10 for weeks, some city councilmembers invoked the city’s anti-camping legislation in underpasses within their districts, citing the camps as potential safety threats.

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