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Los Angeles Gang Crackdown: 50 Gang Members Arrested by LAPD

Los Angeles Gang Crackdown: 50 Gang Members Arrested by LAPD

Los Angeles, CA: On Saturday, police in downtown Los Angeles arrested or otherwise apprehended hundreds of people they said were gang members and found numerous weapons, including mystery guns.

In the beginning, officers kept an eye on a big gathering of persons who had gathered on a public sidewalk near Los Angeles Street and East 16th Street, using narcotics and alcohol, as stated in a press release from the Los Angeles Police Department.

Somewhere between fifty and seventy gang members made up the gang, said the Los Angeles Police Department.

Authorities discovered 17 firearms during their investigation, with a few of them stashed “in plain sight within parked vehicles,” according to the related news release. Many thought that six of the firearms were phantom weapons that had not been registered.

In the course of their investigation, the police set up a skirmish line to block off the area around the warehouse and the street where members of the gang were spotted coming and going.

There were three individuals taken into custody and booked out of the large group that was held. While attempting to dispose of a weapon, one individual was apprehended. Another individual was apprehended by the Los Angeles Police Department following reports of him swiftly entering the warehouse armed and then fleeing the premises.

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