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Local Gang Members taken into Custody after they threatened Teens and Robbed them at Gunpoint in Loveland

Local Gang Members taken into Custody after they threatened Teens and Robbed them at Gunpoint in Loveland

Denver, CO: The authorities have revealed further details about the incident which resulted in 3 arrests in Loveland.

Three juveniles were taken into custody on March 31 by the Loveland Police Department following a weapons complaint that was lodged in Mehaffey Park in the city.

The Loveland Emergency Communications Center got the report just after 1:30 in the morning. There were numerous minors armed at Mehaffey Park, and the caller said a robbery had just taken place, with a child appearing to be the victim.

According to the agency, when officers arrived at the location, they discovered a Chevrolet Equinox with five individuals inside, including two minors. Among the three handguns discovered by the officers in the vehicle were one with a high-capacity magazine and another that had been reported stolen from Aurora.

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Without filing any charges, the two minors were freed. But three of the males in the vehicle were recognized, taken into custody, and are now facing many charges. The three individuals in question are all believed to be affiliated with gangs, and all hail from Aurora, according to the police.

Three boys were accosted by three individuals in the park, who demanded money and threatened them with firearms, according to the inquiry.

Authorities said that during their inquiries, they discovered that three guys approached three minors who were in a BMW automobile at the park. The man with the gun in his waistband approached the driver-side window of the juvenile’s vehicle and offered to sell him his weapon. According to Loveland police, the young man turned down the offer.

Ahmad Richardson, an 18-year-old guy, allegedly demanded money from the youngster before drawing a revolver from his waistband and pointing it at his head. Richardson allegedly stole $80 from the victim after receiving the boy’s wallet, and then threw the wallet back at him, according to the Loveland police.

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Simultaneously, a man named Isaiah Chavez-Seppelt, 19, approached the rear passenger window, where another juvenile was seated, and tapped a firearm on the glass, as per the authorities. After then, Chavez-Seppelt allegedly “racked” the pistol, loading it with a round.

The two guys allegedly left after Richardson got payment from the driver, according to the Loveland police.

Robert Billie, a 19-year-old guy, was allegedly standing behind the victims’ vehicle with a revolver and a large capacity magazine in his waistband as Richardson and Chavez-Seppelt approached the boys, according to the police. Billie allegedly provided a false name to the police so they could track him down during the investigation.

Some of the allegations against Richardson include aggravated robbery, menacing (gun intimidation), theft (under $300), false imprisonment, private firearm transfer, and carrying a hidden weapon unlawfully. A bond of $20,000 in cash or surety was posted for his release from custody at the Larimer County Detention Center.

Arson, menacing (gun intimidation), theft (less than $300), false imprisonment, and unauthorized concealed weapon possession are some of the allegations against Chavez-Seppelt. Along with that, on April 1, he posted bond for $20,000 in cash or surety.

Billie is being held on counts of multiple offenses, including aggravated robbery, menacing assault, theft under $300, false imprisonment, carrying a concealed firearm unlawfully, using a large capacity magazine forbidden during a crime, and false reporting to authorities. On April 1, he proved his ability to post bond with a $10,000 cash or surety bond.

Neither of the three individuals had a counsel listed in the court documents. All of them are scheduled to return to court on April 10 after their Monday appearance.

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