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Lawsuit against Newsom by California Christian Teachers on Gender Policy in Classroom

Lawsuit against Newsom by California Christian Teachers on Gender Policy in Classroom

Sacramento, CA: A California Christian educator is initiating legal proceedings against the highest-ranking officials of the state, alleging that a gender policy compelled her to mislead parents and instruct her pupils to lead “double lives.”

Last year, Elizabeth Mirabelli and Lori Ann West, both teachers at Rincon Middle School, initiated legal proceedings against Escondido Union School District (EUSD) on the grounds that a school policy compelled educators to facilitate the “social transition” of students by providing gender-specific names and pronouns during school hours, as requested by the students.

Governor Gavin Newsom and Attorney General Rob Bonta were added to the litigation last month, as the district policy was founded on recommendations promoted by the state Department of Education.

She explained that enforcing the policy in the classroom became complicated when seven girls requested that the instructor address them by unique pronouns and distinct names.

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“According to EUSD’s policies, all elementary and middle school teachers must unequivocally accept a child’s affirmation of a transgender or gender diverse identity and must ‘immediately begin to treat the student’ in accordance with their asserted gender identity,” according to the teachers’ lawsuit. There is no obligation to obtain consent from parents or guardians, nor is knowledge prerequisite.

Newsom’s office resisted being named in the lawsuit, stating earlier this month to Fox News Digital, “It is clear that the Governor is not a proper party in this case under federal law, and we will be moving swiftly to have the Governor dismissed.”

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On the contrary, the plaintiffs’ attorney contended that the court had mandated the inclusion of Newsom and Bonta as co-defendants in the lawsuit due to the school district’s criticism of state leaders as the “source” of the gender policy.

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