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Lawsuit Against LAPD after Deputies Fatally Shot Man With White Fork in Los Angeles

Lawsuit Against LAPD after Deputies Fatally Shot Man With White Fork in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA: Los Angeles police fatally shot a man on Friday as he held a plastic fork; his family said Friday that they were suing the department for $20 million in damages.

The shooting of 36-year-old Jason Maccani occurred at a Skid Row warehouse on the afternoon of February 3rd, near the intersection of Towne Avenue and 7th Street.

The Los Angeles Police Department made public bodycam footage from the incident, which depicts seven officers approaching Maccani in a building hallway.

Maccani moves toward the police after initially obeying orders, but then he drops his hands. The police officers claimed they saw Maccani gripping what they believed to be a knife, and the camera zooms in on his hand to show this.

There are three rounds of gunfire audible in the video: two less lethal bullets, one pistol round, and then silence.

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“The suspect persisted in moving toward the officers while holding the object firmly in his right hand,” stated the Los Angeles Police Department on February 4. “The suspect grabbed one of the officers and the Beanbag Shotgun she was holding, resulting in an Officer-Involved Shooting.”

Medical staff from a nearby hospital administered CPR techniques before declaring Maccani dead.

Subsequent investigation revealed that the item he was holding was actually a white plastic fork.

The call came in about an intoxicated man threatening staff with a stick, so police went to the scene.

The action for wrongful death asserts that the police did not have a valid justification to kill Maccani. Maccani “never got close to taking possession of the officer’s clearly marked beanbag shotgun,” according to the family’s attorneys, and the plastic fork did not look like a knife.

Regarding the family’s impending lawsuit, the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office chose not to comment.
After earning a degree in mechanical engineering from UCLA, Maccani tried his hand at teaching yoga and driving for Uber.

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The brother of Maccani, Michael Maccani, thinks Jason was bipolar and had episodes every so often.

The LAPD has not made any public comment on this matter so far.

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