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Landlords in California May Soon Be Required to Accept Pets Under a New Bill

Landlords in California May Soon Be Required to Accept Pets Under a New Bill

Sacramento, CA: California Landowners Cannot Say “No Pets” As Per New Bill Proposed in Assembly.

Assemblymember Matt Haney (D- San Francisco) introduced a groundbreaking bill, formally known as AB 2216, which is the first legislation of its kind in the nation.

The bill aims to prevent property owners from inquiring about pets on applications, stop charging extra monthly fees for pet owners, commonly referred to as ‘pet rent,’ and restrict pet deposits.

The bill aims to tackle an issue Haney has identified in the rental industry: an excess of tenants with pets and a lack of landlords open to accepting pets.

According to Haney, his team examined Zillow apartment listings and discovered that numerous rental units do not permit tenants to have pets of various sizes. A small percentage of apartment listings in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento are open to accepting such pets.

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On the flip side, additional studies revealed that the majority of households across the country have pets, while a significant percentage of renters struggle to find housing that accommodates pets.

Allbee reported that The Humane Society of the United States is backing the bill, citing apartments that refuse tenants with pets as a leading cause of pets being abandoned at shelters.

While there are proponents of the legislation, the Berkeley Property Owners Association opposes it.

Landlords will be allowed to make exceptions to the proposed bill for those who have a valid reason for not allowing pets on their properties, such as health concerns.

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More details on the proposed legislation are anticipated to be revealed in the upcoming weeks and months.

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