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Lamborghini Crash: Woman Died After Crash in Manhattan

Lamborghini Crash: Woman Died After Crash in Manhattan

Manhattan, New York: Authorities report that a Lamborghini was destroyed in a fiery crash in Manhattan, leaving a 21-year-old woman dead and two men injured.

Stunning footage of the car burning under a flyover close to 10th Avenue and West 213th Street in Inwood late on Monday was uploaded to the Citizen app. The collision and its aftermath were witnessed by a neighborhood resident, who said, “I thought someone had dropped a dumpster off a high-rise.”

Alejandro Rentas, the driver of a Lamborghini, 22, was brought to Harlem Hospital but is anticipated to recover. He was placed under police custody, but it wasn’t immediately apparent what accusations he would be facing. He was traveling with a woman named Tiana Rodriguez, who passed away.

They also brought a 37-year-old man from the car they struck to a hospital.

While on his way home from work on Monday night, an Inwood man assisted in saving the Lamborghini driver from the fire while he was exiting the tube. He claimed that he was unable to free the stuck traveler.

“I pulled him from the car but it was too late, it was just burning everywhere we couldn’t get the lady out,” said Onur Alay Bey. “You don’t know if the car is going to explode, the flames are coming at you. I’m so sad for the lady.”

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