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LA & San Francisco: Two Cali. Cities in Most Expensive Listings

LA & San Francisco: Two Cali. Cities in Most Expensive Listings

Los Angeles:  Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2023 Worldwide Cost of Living survey is out. It is no surprise that Los Angeles and San Franciso, two Californian cities, are among some of the top expensive cities to live in.

Los Angeles, which is well-known for its vibrant lifestyle and entertainment sector, has the sixth-highest cost of living in the world. San Francisco, the center of innovation and technology, is ranked tenth, not far behind.

The survey compared almost 173 cities around the world. More than 400 prices for more than 200 products and services were taken into account by the surveyors. The numbers reflect the high cost of living in these cities across the world. These also showcased the economic hardships and other challenges that the residents in these cities face daily.

Asian Cities included in the top list are-


Hong Kong

Tel Aviv (Israel)

European Cities included in the top list are-





US cities in the list are-

New York

Los Angeles

San Francisco

Two of California’s cities ranking among the ten most expensive places to live is a key indicator of the state’s economic situation. It is a reflection of these urban areas’ high standard of living, thriving tech and entertainment sectors, and difficulties in controlling living expenses. These rankings serve as a reminder of the affordability challenges that locals face while also attesting to the economic vitality of San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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