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LA Mayor Karen Bass Ready For 2nd Year of Her Term

LA Mayor Karen Bass Ready For 2nd Year of Her Term

LA Mayor Karen Bass declared homelessness the topmost priority of her office.

She started the “Inside Safe” program last year, and through November 30 of this year, it assisted with the relocation of roughly 2,000 people. To this date, the city has had almost 46,000 homeless people.

She made big statements about the program that showcased her apparent dedication to the city. “Developers have told us that what used to take six months now takes 37 days. So what I think we did this year was lay a very strong foundation to move forward.”

She also added, “We inherited a system that was very, very broken. I didn’t want to spend time studying why and where; we just jumped in. Because to me, it is an emergency and the quality of life for Angelenos. Our measurement around this issue is housing people who are on the streets.”

The “Inside Safe” initiative also carried a high cost. To support the program, about $250 million was set aside from this year’s budget.

Bass clarified that it was still only one of her numerous methods for helping those in need find housing. Accelerating the construction of affordable housing is a component of that plan.

The initiative also received backlash when a homeless encampment was set on fire. The I-10 Freeway fire during her first year in office forced the major roadway to remain closed for days.

Authorities are aware that it was arson, but they haven’t yet detained a suspect.

Bass is referring to allegations made by Apex Development Inc., which leased a portion of the burned-out space and claimed that the fire was started by the neighboring homeless camps.

She also said that the city is facing more mental health and addiction issues than ever before. Bass calls these issues “humanitarian crises.”

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