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LA Commuters to Get Bus Stop Shade & Shelter, Installation to Begin in 2024

LA Commuters to Get Bus Stop Shade & Shelter, Installation to Begin in 2024

Bus stop shades and shelters will be installed by the City of Los Angeles starting next year, thanks to a significant funding increase that was recently announced. The Sidewalk and Transit Amenities Programme (STAP) is a new initiative that will provide shade structures and shelters to thousands of bus stops in Los Angeles.
On November 27, LA Mayor Karen Bass and local officials announced a $38 million plan to install shade structures and shelters at bus stops, including a loan from the LA Public Works Trust Fund, at a press conference in the San Fernando Valley.
Based on the STAP data on the website, District 10 has sixteen interim approvals and 54 approved locations in Los Angeles for projects that will be implemented in the first year.

Installations for the $38 million project will start in 2024 and be finished in three to six years. The city tested a simple structure called “La Sombrita” earlier this year; to deploy shade quickly, affordably, and compliantly with city building codes; transit advocates quickly retaliated against the project.

“Today we see new momentum to combat the impacts of climate change throughout our city services, including new bus shelters to protect Angelenos from the sweltering heat, planting more trees and using new techniques like cool pavement to lower the overall street temperature and make Los Angeles cooler,” said Karen Bass in a statement.

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