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Kentucky Parents file Lawsuit against Catholic School after a teacher morphed yearbook photos and posted them on Adult Website

Kentucky Parents file Lawsuit against Catholic School after a teacher morphed yearbook photos and posted them on Adult Website

Louisville, KY: Parents from Kentucky had filed a lawsuit against a Catholic school on the grounds that the school ignored the behavior of a teacher.

The Archdiocese of Louisville was sued by the parents after a teacher was indicted for having an inappropriate relation with a student and for transforming yearbook photos of students into images of nude bodies.

Last month, investigators from the Western District of Kentucky brought charges against 39-year-old Jordan Fautz, alleging that he distributed child pornography and obscenely depicted sexual assault of children.

At Louisville’s St. Stephen Martyr Catholic School, Fautz oversaw students in grades seven and eight.

The FBI reportedly found Fautz while he was sharing a naked photo collage on a social media app that featured a girl between the ages of 12 and 15, together with her mother. It has been claimed that Fautz manipulated pornographic images and films by superimposing non-sexual yearbook photos using Photoshop or morphing technology.

The girl was allegedly photographed against an SSMCardinals school photo backdrop while wearing a red blouse that bore the initials of the school, SSM.

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Fautz and an undercover FBI agent started corresponding on the platform. Allegedly, Fautz submitted over 200 identical images and videos of her mother and daughter to the agent. According to the authorities, this also involved another student whose identity he concealed.

The IP address of Fautz’s computer allowed agents to identify him. According to the complaint, investigators discovered that he sent the photographs both from home and at school. Arrested on February 2nd, Fautz was indicted on February 21st.

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A group of eleven kids and their parents have filed a lawsuit against the Archdiocese of Louisville, asserting that for many years the school disregarded red flags regarding Fautz.

Reportedly, Fautz’s mother was the manager of the company responsible for hiring and screening new employees when he was employed, according to the lawsuit. According to reports, it also claims that he utilized a “homemade” computer instead of the school-issued laptop. Allegedly, he distributed the pornographic photographs using this computer.

The lawsuit details Fautz’s problematic behavior, including his actions of hurling classroom chairs and cursing at pupils. Allegedly, he threatened to “kill them” if they spoke up. A pupil was allegedly branded a “moron” and a “a-hole” by him one week prior to his arrest, according to the lawsuit. Fautz was never reprimanded by the school.

According to the lawsuit, Fautz had an inappropriate relationship with a student as well. However, instead of taking disciplinary action, the school imposed “parameters” on the youngster.

Fautz may spend the next 120 years behind bars if found guilty on the charges. May is when he is next due in court.

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