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Keanu Reeves Hollywood Hills House Once Again Targeted by Robbers

Keanu Reeves Hollywood Hills House Once Again Targeted by Robbers

LOS ANGELES: The Hollywood Hills house of famous actor Keanu Reeves was robbed by masked burglars on Wednesday.

LAPD officials responded immediately and were dispatched to the scene. Keanu Reeves’s Hollywood Hills mansion is located on Thrasher Avenue. The incident happened at around 7 pm on Wednesday.

The spokesperson of LAPD, Officer Norma Eisenman said, “Suspects entered the property through the backyard and broke a rear window to gain access.”

When officers reached the scene, they searched the whole house and found no suspect.

On Thursday, the police again returned to the property after an alarm sounded, alerting the residents of potential danger.

The officials have retrieved the security footage and found that the robbers were wearing ski masks to hide their faces. They smashed the window and then entered the house.

The actor was not at home at the time of the incident. The police reported that one firearm was stolen from the house. The investigations are underway by the LAPD.

The actor also filed for a restraining order this February against a stalker who had trespassed on his property many times from November 2022 to January this year.

This is not the first time that robbers have attempted to rob Reeves’ house. Back in 2014, the same property was raided by the robbers back-to-back two times.

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