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K9 Unit Busted Liquid Heroin in Oregon; 4 Arrested by Police

K9 Unit Busted Liquid Heroin in Oregon; 4 Arrested by Police

Tigard, Oregon: Authorities announced on Thursday that four individuals, believed to be involved in drug trafficking and connected to an international crime network in Mexico, have been apprehended in Oregon.

The suspects were found in possession of several barrels containing liquid heroin, which were discovered inside a moving truck. A bust occurred on Jan. 25 at a motel in Tigard, following an investigation that revealed individuals associated with a drug trafficking operation were transporting illegal narcotics into Oregon, as stated by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Oregon.

Officials reported that authorities followed a rented moving truck, driven by one of the suspects, which was accompanied by a red pickup truck on I-84 near Bonneville. The pursuit continued until they reached the motel.

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Following the acquisition of federal search warrants for the vehicles and the suspects’ motel room, investigators discovered eight 55-gallon barrels filled with 370 gallons of liquid narcotics inside the moving truck.

Barrels of Liquid Heroin in Truck

Additionally, two loaded handguns were found inside the room, as stated by prosecutors. After conducting tests, authorities have confirmed that the substance weighing 1.4 metric tons is indeed liquid heroin.

Four individuals have been identified as the suspects in the case. They are Marco Antonio Magallon, 44; Luis Deleon Woodward, 26; Jorge Luis Amador, 25, all from Yakima, Washington; and Santos Alisael Aguilar Maya, 32, whose place of residence is currently unknown.

All four individuals are facing charges related to the distribution and possession of heroin.

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