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K-9 Bites Robber after he slammed Stolen Lexus in Los Angeles

K-9 Bites Robber after he slammed Stolen Lexus in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA: The Los Angeles Police Department has released the video footage in which the cops are seen chasing a man who had stolen a car. The body cam video footage also captured the moment when the man was bitten by a K-9 of the unit.

The man still tried to elude the police officers after the bite and the chase was cut short when another K-9 unit surrounded the man.

An automated license plate reader aboard a Los Angeles Police Department vehicle tipped officers off to a reported stolen Lexus automobile on February 17th, close to the intersection of San Vicente Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue.

The police began to pursue the car and called for reinforcements as it sped off down residential streets. As they rounded a bend, they saw the car had crashed into another vehicle, ending their pursuit.

The culprit, later identified as 21-year-old Los Angeles resident Ian Jimenez, flees into the adjacent neighborhood, as shown on video. The police pursued him and located him in a backyard on Masselin Avenue shortly after.

The canine was let out into the backyard by the K9 unit. Jimenez was seen grappling with the K9, which had bit his arm and was trying to restrain him, as the officers drew near. It even appears like Jimenez bites the dog back and tries to put it in a headlock at several points in the video.

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The canine’s handler canceled the mission, and the other cops prepared their nonlethal weapons. “Turn around!” they yelled at him. Instead, he starts fleeing again on foot and manages to momentarily escape by hopping a fence.

After an LAPD K9 bit the suspect, the man immediately began running away again once his handlers subdued the animal.

He managed to evade capture by using a chair to distract a police helicopter that was following him. Subsequently, a second K9 unit apprehended him.

A vet attended to Jimenez’s dog bite wounds afterwards. Charges against him now include evading authorities, hit-and-run, petty theft, and operating a vehicle without permission.

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