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Jersey City Mayor to Run For 2025 NJ Governor

Jersey City Mayor to Run For 2025 NJ Governor

Jersey City, NJ: Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop declared his candidacy for governor of the state of New Jersey on Tuesday.

Furlop has formally submitted paperwork to establish his campaign committee for the 2025 election.

He intended to run for the Governor’s post back in 2017. But he withdrew his application. That election saw the present Governor Phil Murphy securing the highest votes. Back in 2022, he clarified that he would be running for the post in 2025.

Fulop hinted at many of the topics he touched on when he announced his intention to run for statewide office in his March 10th State of the City Address, which will probably serve as the foundation for his platform.

“Mayor Fulop has helped guide Jersey City into an unprecedented renaissance as it has become the state’s economic and cultural engine,” the statement reads, referring to Fulop as a strong Democrat and a tremendously successful and experienced executive leader.

Fulop was one of the first American soldiers in Iraq when he enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps shortly after the 9/11 attacks and served there until he was elected mayor in 2013. Following his deployment, Fulop returned to Jersey City and won election to the Jersey City Municipal Council.

Fulop said in an announcement, “From my time serving as a US Marine to leading Jersey City as Mayor, my career has always been guided by a strong desire to take on difficult challenges and find solutions that help improve people’s lives, and now I’m running for Governor to bring those same values to Trenton.”

He also added, “I’m launching my campaign now because I believe that New Jersey can become an even better place for all of us, and I will be sharing my vision over the coming months for how we will make it happen.”

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