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Infrastructural Grant To Amtrak and its Partners Approved, 4 New Rail Corridors Also Proposed

Infrastructural Grant To Amtrak and its Partners Approved, 4 New Rail Corridors Also Proposed

Funding worth $2.1 billion will be granted to Amtrak and its partners. The funding aims to enhance current routes and broaden Amtrak service throughout the country.

The funding will be granted via the newly passed Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act. This comprises a grant of $500,000 from the Federal Railroad Administration to the I-20 Corridor Long-Distance Passenger Rail Project and another $500,000 to the long-term High-Speed rail project between Dallas and Houston
Amtrak received funding for several initiatives, including four Corridor programs that aim to establish an intercity passenger rail pipeline. The funding is also directed for –

  • Station and Service Upgrades- $108.5 million.
  • Infrastructure Upgrades- $2 billion.
  • New and Improved City Passenger Rail Corridors- $34.5 million for 69 facilities spread across 39 states in the US.

The infrastructure grant will be provided to Amtrak partners in North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maine.

The exact purpose of the $500,000 is not specified in the release. The cost of building a train between Dallas and Houston is currently projected to be around $16 billion.

Four Corridor programs to create a pipeline of intercity passenger rail projects are

Texas High-Speed Rail Corridor

This corridor would connect Dallas and Houston in the state of Texas. A new grade-separated high-speed passenger rail service will be running between these two cities also stopping at Brazos Valley. This new corridor will make it easier for Texans to travel between the two cities without much hassle.

Long Island Northeast Regional Extension

With stops at Jamaica (Queens, NY) and Hicksville, NY, the three daily Northeast Regional round trips between Washington, DC, and New York City east would be extended by this proposed corridor to Ronkonkoma, NY. Upgrades to the tracks, stations, and infrastructure would be necessary to handle these trains and improve the integration of Amtrak service with commuter service on the Long Island Rail Road.

Daily Cardinal Service

Cardinal service now runs three days a week, but this proposed corridor would increase that to daily operations. The route will also cover more cities- Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, DC; Virginia; West Virginia; Kentucky; Ohio; and Indiana. These cities will be covered en route from New York to Chicago.

Daily Sunset Limited Service

Sunset Limited would now operate three days a week instead of every day along this proposed corridor. Between Los Angeles and New Orleans, this route passes through Tucson, Arizona; Houston, San Antonio, and El Paso, Texas; among other places.

Previously, the Federal Railroad Administration’s Federal-State Partnership for Intercity Passenger Rail Program and the Corridor Identification and Development Program (Corridor ID) were responsible for awarding these grants to projects in the United States.

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