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Indiana Man Stabbed Son to Death after Heated Argument; Friend Witnessed Horrifying Murder and left Devastated

Indiana Man Stabbed Son to Death after Heated Argument; Friend Witnessed Horrifying Murder and left Devastated

A man from Indiana has been arrested and is now in custody following the tragic incident where his son lost his life during a heated argument over unwashed dishes in the sink, according to authorities.

A 59-year-old man named Timothy Ray Lisby is currently facing an accusation of aggravated battery, as per records from Marion County Jail.

According to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, a witness to the incident claims to have witnessed a murder taking place on that tragic day. The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office will determine the final charges in the case.

An incident took place on the afternoon of June 14 at a residence on Dogie Road. The residence is located in a community of mobile homes, with Little Eagle Creek to the west and the Hawthorne neighborhood to the east.

Police officers arrived at the location after receiving a report of a stabbing incident. They discovered Christopher Allen Lisby, 31, on the living room floor with a bleeding wound to his chest. Lisby was found to have sustained injuries from the violent attack, as stated in the filed affidavit.

A person in critical condition, with a laceration to their heart, was quickly transported to a nearby hospital by Indianapolis Emergency Medical Services. Despite undergoing surgery, the younger Lisby tragically lost his life the following day, according to the authorities.

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Following the battery charge, the case has been transferred to homicide detectives. The investigation is still ongoing as reported by Law&Crime.

A witness who spoke to the police has also shared details about the incident with Indianapolis-based Fox affiliate WXIN. The conversation took place after the father and son got into an argument about the dirty dishes. Eventually, the two individuals engaged in a physical altercation, ending up on the ground.

According to Jeremiah Green, the elder Lisby allegedly used a spoon handle to attack his son. Then, it is claimed that Timothy Lisby obtained another weapon.

The 911 call was made by a friend of the deceased man on that day. As per accounts from Green and the affidavit, the father swiftly grasped the situation and made desperate attempts to save his son’s life. He reportedly applied pressure to the wound and pleaded for his son to survive, but unfortunately, his efforts were in vain.

Now, the devastated friend is determined to ensure that the father faces justice — promising to provide testimony in court — and expressing his determination to take whatever steps are needed to hold him accountable, as he shared with the TV station.

Timothy Lisby is currently being held in custody without the possibility of release on bond. He is scheduled to appear in court again on June 21.

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