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Illinois Woman Incited Co-Worker to Kill Her Boyfriend so that They can be “Together Forever”, Lands in Jail after Cops Track Text Message

Illinois Woman Incited Co-Worker to Kill Her Boyfriend so that They can be “Together Forever”, Lands in Jail after Cops Track Text Message

Authorities have reported that a 33-year-old woman from Illinois is now facing criminal charges. It is alleged that she orchestrated a plan for her 20-year-old co-worker at McDonald’s to murder her boyfriend of many years. The motive behind this plan was apparently so that she and her co-worker could be together.

According to Bridgeview Police, Arturo Cantu, 39, was shot multiple times on Wed., May 15, at about 5 a.m. as he left his Bridgeview apartment and was walking to his car. NBC Chicago reports the incident.

Police have reported the discovery of a body on the side of a building. The individual was declared deceased at the location.

According to a report from Fox 32 Chicago, Anthony Calderon was arrested on Friday night and is now facing charges of first-degree murder in relation to Cantu’s shooting death. According to Fox 32, Agnieszka Rydzewski was arrested by the police the next day and charged with solicitation to commit murder.

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According to NBC Chicago, authorities have accused Rydzewski of conspiring with Calderon in the tragic shooting death of Cantu.

According to court documents, detectives discovered messages exchanged between the two individuals, in which they reportedly discussed their plan.

According to prosecutors, NBC Chicago reports that a text message was allegedly sent on May 9, stating “we will be together once all is clear.”

Prosecutors have revealed that the two individuals started exchanging text messages in April regarding a purported plan to harm Cantu, as reported by CBS Chicago.

According to prosecutors, Rydzewski reportedly requested Calderon’s assistance in finding a third party to eliminate Cantu, with the intention of being together. This information was reported by CBC Chicago.

According to prosecutors, Calderon allegedly took matters into his own hands when the third party backed out, opting to carry out the slaying of Cantu himself, as reported by CBS Chicago.

According to NBC Chicago, the two suspects recently made a court appearance over the weekend, during which a judge refused to grant them bail.

Both individuals are currently detained at the Cook County Jail. While Cantu’s family grieves his loss, they are also anticipating their upcoming court date. It remains uncertain whether they have sought legal representation to advocate for them.

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