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Illegal Immigration Crackdown Bill presented in Georgia after Laken Riley Homicide

Illegal Immigration Crackdown Bill presented in Georgia after Laken Riley Homicide

A federal bill proposed by a Georgia legislator from the district where nursing student Laken Riley was murdered aims to allow states increased authority to challenge federal immigration regulations regarding crimes committed by migrants.

The Laken Riley Act is endorsed by Rep. Mike Collins, R-Ga., who represents the region where Riley was fatally shot while fleeing along a well-known University of Georgia running path.

Jose Ibarra, an undocumented migrant, was detained in connection with the murder.

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Collins attributed Riley’s death to the Biden administration’s inability to maintain security at the U.S. southern border. Collins anticipates that the U.S. House of Representatives will soon vote on the bill, which will strengthen states’ authority in enforcing federal immigration rules regarding crimes committed by migrants.

Collins stated that these individuals are engaging in criminal activities throughout the nation, including in sanctuary cities. “They are moving from one sanctuary city to another because they only receive a minor punishment.”

Ibarra was previously jailed in New York for allegedly behaving in a way that harmed a minor under the age of 17, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. New York authorities freed Ibarra prior to his detention.

Collins stated that Ibarra was released because the crime was not severe enough. He stated that under his proposed legislation, migrants might be held in custody following charges of theft or burglary.

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Collins expressed that the current standards for detainment are excessively stringent and suggested that local officials should be granted more authority to resist the Department of Homeland Security. The legislation grants states the power to sue federal agencies such as DHS if they fail to fulfill their duties.

Collins informed NewsNation that the plan, if approved, would enable states to circumvent the obstacles imposed by sanctuary towns. He stated that he has had multiple discussions with Riley’s family, who fully endorse the law aimed at preventing similar incidents in the future.

He deemed the act essential and suggested that if stricter restrictions had been implemented, Riley might have survived.

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