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Illegal Fireworks and Fires Spark Mall Closure in Carson; More than 70 Juveniles Detained by Authorities in California

Illegal Fireworks and Fires Spark Mall Closure in Carson; More than 70 Juveniles Detained by Authorities in California

Following the detention and citation of over 70 juveniles on Saturday night in connection with a significant disturbance at a mall in Carson, certain parents and relatives of the children are expressing concerns about the perceived level of law enforcement presence.

Authorities from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department swiftly arrived at the SouthBay Pavillion Mall at approximately 5:30 p.m. in response to reports of a significant and disorderly assembly of around 200 underage individuals. This incident led to the mall closing earlier than its usual operating hours.

According to authorities, a group of juveniles engaged in the dangerous act of setting off illegal fireworks inside a store at the mall. Additionally, another individual was responsible for igniting a fire inside a trashcan.

The dispersal orders were issued, however, it seems that the crowd chose not to comply. Additional law enforcement personnel were summoned to the location due to the disruptive behavior of the teenagers, which posed a risk to shoppers and businesses.

Law enforcement officers swiftly responded to the situation, establishing a perimeter and apprehending several teenagers. Some of the individuals attempted to flee the scene, but were quickly detained by sheriff’s deputies, who even resorted to jumping into bushes to ensure their capture.

The minors were issued citations for failure to disperse and disturbing the peace by the deputies. Parents rushed to pick up their children, expressing their frustration that deputies had taken custody of their kids in the first place.

Last year, there was a similar incident at the Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance, which resulted in the implementation of curfews and the rule that minors must be accompanied by adults while at the shopping center.

No injuries or thefts reported at Carson Mall on Saturday night. On Sunday, the mall reopened for business, with a noticeable security presence in place as per KTLA News.

Although the specific details of these measures remain unknown, some other shoppers expressed their unease following the incident.

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