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If You Throw Certain Things in Trash in Michigan, You can go to jail or fined, Check What those certain Items are

If You Throw Certain Things in Trash in Michigan, You can go to jail or fined, Check What those certain Items are

In the state of Michigan, you are not in a position to dispose of everything that you no longer have a purpose for. There is no doubt that there are a great number of things that you can throw away without giving it a second thought.

Yes, you should go ahead and throw away that soiled paper plate and napkin. You can do that to yourself. On the other hand, the state of Michigan has a number of ordinances that prohibit the disposal of certain items.

When I say that you “can’t” throw them away, I mean that it is against the law to do so by any stretch of the imagination.

Take a look at the list that follows in order to assist you in avoiding breaching the law. In Michigan, it is against the law to throw away certain items, and it also provides information on how to properly dispose of certain items.

Yard Waste

It is not possible to dispose of yard waste with your ordinary trash, regardless of the season or the sort of yard trimming that you have (leaves, grass clippings, sticks, etc.). You have the option of composting them at home or at a facility in the area. You also have the option of placing them in yard waste bags and bring them to the curb so that they can be collected.

Lead Acid Batteries

Certain stores offer these kinds of batteries, and they will also have storage areas where you may recycle them.

Old Tyres

In order for old tires or scrap tires to be accepted by certain landfills, they must first be processed. This can be accomplished by cutting them in half, shredding them, or chipping them into little bits.


The inhalation of asbestos is known to be exceedingly hazardous to one’s health. It is therefore necessary to not only remove this from your residence in an appropriate manner but also to dispose of it in an appropriate manner.

Pop-Up Cans

Reusable containers for beverages, including beer, pop, and other beverages made of glass, aluminum, and plastic. A bottle deposit and return fee of ten cents per container is in place in the state of Michigan for a specific reason: the state wants to encourage recycling of containers.

You risk receiving a fine of up to one thousand dollars if you simply throw them away after using them. If you want to recycle your returnables and get your dime back, you need take them to the retailer. If you did not pay a deposit, you are able to recycle it along with the other items that you normally recycle at your home.


It is against the law in the state of Michigan to dispose of certain items. In order to properly dispose of certain goods, it is necessary to dispose of them in a manner that is not the same as throwing them away in the ordinary trash. And in the event that they are not, you can find yourself in jail or facing a significant fine.

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