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I-26 Closed Indefinitely Due to Plane Crash

I-26 Closed Indefinitely Due to Plane Crash

Asheville, North Carolina: A plane crashed on Interstate 26. The accident happened near Asheville on Thursday. Emergency responders were immediately dispatched to the crash site. The traffic on the route was halted due to the crash.

I-26, close to Long Shoals Road, is presently closed, per the North Carolina Department of Transportation.

Following the collision, Skyland Fire and Rescue reported that one person was taken to the hospital and that there had been some power outages in the vicinity. The plane also crashed into power lines on its way.

According to the department, there are downed power lines on the interstate, and an indefinite closure of the roadway is anticipated.

Officially, the plane crashed along I-26 at approximately 8:15 p.m., according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The authority also mentioned that the plane was carrying two passengers.

I-26 Closed Due to Plane Crash

The pilot called for assistance, and the officials directed the pilot to land on I-26. The cause of the crash is not known yet. The authorities are looking into the matter.

The NCDOT has announced the closure of the westbound portion of I-26 at Airport Road.

The pilot and the passengers were rushed to the nearby hospital, where they received medical assistance. The authorities have not disclosed the identities of the passengers on board.

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