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Husband Killed Wife, Son Set Truck on Fire to Erase Evidence in Florida, Both in Custody

Husband Killed Wife, Son Set Truck on Fire to Erase Evidence in Florida, Both in Custody

Brevard County, FL: A horrific incident came to light when the authorities in Brevard County reported that a man had killed his wife and their son had helped his father erase the evidence. The victim is identified as Amber Renee Estep.

Lane Michael Estep, 18, allegedly set fire to the truck belonging to his father, Brian Estep, 42. The men were recently transported from West Virginia to Florida to face charges in the tragic killing of 39-year-old Estep.

Amber’s last sighting was on January 16th. After her mother noticed her absence from work, she promptly reported her as missing on the 19th.

Investigators interviewed the victim’s husband, Brian Estep. According to reports, Brian Estep informed detectives that he had seen his wife for the last time on the afternoon of Jan. 16. According to the husband, he and his wife had an argument following a medical appointment in Merritt Island. He stated that he left her on the side of Interstate 95, just north of State Road 50, as per her request.

According to reports, Brian Estep reportedly stated that Amber insisted on being let out of the vehicle, despite the fact that they were traveling northbound on I-95.

The defendant, Estep, claimed that he released her at mile marker 215, and she took her phone and purse. According to reports, he stated that he refrained from contacting her for a few days in order to respect her need for personal space.

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However, authorities discovered that his truck had been completely consumed by fire in the community of Port St. John, several hours after their conversation with him.

As per court documents, firefighters reported that Lane Estep appeared unconcerned at the scene and speculated that a vehicle recall may have been the cause of the fire.

Amber Estep’s lifeless body was found the following day by a property owner near Pit Bull Lane, close to State Road 46, according to deputies.

According to court documents, investigators had already confirmed that there were no mandatory or fire-related recalls for the vehicle in question when they spoke to Lane Estep about the vehicle fire.

Lane reportedly stated to an investigator that he used his father’s truck while he and his friend were enjoying a ride on ATVs.

In the documents, he described witnessing smoke and later flames. According to reports, he claimed to have parked the vehicle separately from the others because of his residence location and the direction he came from.

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The younger Estep professed ignorance about the incident, although he did mention a recall on the truck. According to documents, Brian Estep stated that he had permitted his son to use the truck that night.

However, a friend pointed out that it was unusual for Lane to be using his father’s truck and had never driven it to work before. Based on documents, a friend reported that Brian Estep expressed feelings of his situation deteriorating. And Lane reportedly responded, “I have our life preservers.”

According to documents, Lane Estep called in to work on the night of the fire citing a “family emergency,” as reported by a work manager as per Law and Crime.

Brian Estep is currently being held at the Brevard County jail on charges of first-degree murder and tampering with evidence in a capital felony. Lane Michael Estep is facing serious charges related to the truck fire, including arson in the first degree, accessory after the fact of a capital felony, and tampering with evidence in a capital felony.

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