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Human Trafficking Ring Busted in Georgia With 17 Arrests

Human Trafficking Ring Busted in Georgia With 17 Arrests

Atlanta, Georgia: According to officials with the Georgia Bureau of Investigations, 17 people have been arrested as a result of an interagency online undercover operation called “Operation Not For Sale,” which targeted sex traffickers and sex buyers in the Bryan County region.

A news release states that the operation was coordinated by the Georgia Department of Public Safety’s Georgia Motor Carrier Compliance Division, the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office, the Richmond Hills Police Department, and the GBI’s Human Exploitation and Trafficking Unit (HEAT).

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Ten sex workers were allegedly handed resources by the police. The following persons were charged with various charges:

  • Oswaldo Rodriguez Rameriz – 33, from Savannah, GA.
  • Davron Jamaal Hinton – 37, from Jacksonville, FL.
  • Steven Ray Snelson, 45, of Hinesville, GA.
  • Karolay Karlay Rosalin Arraez Romero – 23.
  • Antonio Babbs, age 45, of Hinesville, GA.
  • James Rush, age 49, of Richmond Hill, GA. 
  • Mario Romero, age 33, of Claxton, GA. 
  • Alberto Jay Vadi, age 42, of Savannah, GA. 
  • Miles Diede, age 29, of Savannah, GA.
  • Rakshit Ravi Ramteke, age 21, of Savannah, GA. 
  • Chiragkumar Patel, age 36, of Savannah, GA.
  • David Herrera Truijillo, age 37, of Eden, GA.
  • George Foster Sharpe, age 38, of Savannah, GA. 
  • Seyth Allan Cambron, age 32, of Savannah, GA. 
  • Juan Mora Flores, age 48, of Washington. 
  • Jason Manuel Herrera, age 39, of Savannah, GA.
  • Samuel De’Antayke Sawyer, age 24, of Richmond Hill, GA.

Officials from the GBI have claimed that they anticipate additional arrests and that the investigation is actively underway.

If you have any information, please call the following: the Bryan County Sheriff’s Office (912-756-3177), the Richmond Hill Police Department (912-756-5645), or the GBI’s HEAT Unit (404-270-8433).

Call 1-866-ENDHTGA, Georgia’s statewide human trafficking hotline, to report any type of human trafficking.

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